Karen Thames has been a constant in my life throughout my journey with my illness. Dr. Thames has provided me and many others in the Cushing’s community with literature, helpful information on our illness, and extensive emotional support for our community. Dr. Thames has not only provided these things to me and others but she has reached out to me personally and shared a gift that was able to raise awareness for our disease. Karen is not only a wonderful, caring woman but she is also a very altruistic, hardworking woman that is determined to help others in need. She will always have my gratitude


Mary M., Ohio

Mary M., Ohio

I have personally known Dr. Karen for over twenty years, and have followed her journey with awe. The first word that leaps to mind when I think of her is “courage.” Her courage, perseverance, and optimism as someone dealing with multiple surgeries and managing daily life with a disability is truly uplifting; more importantly, her courage as an enthusiastic advocate & champion for those overcoming such obstacles in their lives is beyond inspiring. It is with great pleasure that I support her efforts.

Ian M, Chicago, IL

Karen has helped me by always listening, educating, and validating my feelings with the process of this crazy disease. Karen has always taken the time (even when she has her own issues with her process) to give me advice and support. Even still, she always makes ME feel like I am #1! She always makes ME feel special! She is a very easy going calm person and that has helped me with my own anxiety around this. I am grateful! Thank you!

Tammi A. Webster City, IA

Karen has been there for my daughter Sarah and I since the first day we met. She is one of the most positive and encouraging people we have ever met and we love her dearly.

Terry G., Rockford, IL

Karen has been a phenomenal leader in the Cushing’s community. She is an illuminating person of inspiration, and a true friend. Being a survivor of Cushing’s myself, I connected with her after seeking help online, and then finding Karen’s initial media on Cushing’s. Inspired by her teachings, I contacted her and she took me under her loving wing. Since then, I have now had the pleasure of participating in some of her most dedicated works.  Her dedication and strong spirit keeps us fellow “Cushies” inspired to press on and help others look for a brighter future!

Shylah B, Moreno Valley, California

When my mother died September 28th, 2016, I still cannot find the words to describe what she went through or what our family went through in the five months leading up to her death. Afterwards, I started looking around for answers and I found Doc Karen. She helped me to understand a little better about this rare, ugly, horrible, beyond-words disease that had so brutally taken my mother. Cushing’s pounced on us like a thief in the night before we even knew it existed. This movement towards awareness that Doc Karen is leading is so important and will be so helpful to those who can identify it’s ugly symptoms while there is still time. Thank you for welcoming me into this family and may the God of heaven and earth bless your efforts!”

Charmaine H., Juilet, Tennesse

Dr. Karen Thames has assisted me with advice on dealing with family issues regarding relationship challenges and stress. She has offered the right encouragement at the right time to help me regain focus and direction in my life. Her professionalism is commendable but her approach makes you feel accepted and appreciated.  Her personal journey and blogs about Cushings, has also been an inspiration to me and my family.

Kim B. Chicago, IL.

I first met Karen online in 2010 before each of us would have pituitary surgery. I was scared and it was great to connect with her and others who were going through the same struggles. I was blessed in that my pituitary surgery was successful and the doctor was able to leave my pituitary gland intact. When I would see how Karen was struggling with multiple surgeries and then the adrenalectomy, it always amazed me at her attitude and positive thoughts about her life. I’m not sure I could have been so strong and made it as far as she has made it. I just know that she has been such an inspiration to me and countless others in our struggle with Cushing’s disease. I pray that God blesses her and the work that she is doing.

Kim L., Cross Timbers, MO

Karen shares her personal journey to help you gain an understanding of Cushing’s. It is so important when you are going through a life changing illness to have a reliable and compassionate resource. Knowledge is power.

Terri M. Tullahoma, TN

When I first met Dr. Karen, I knew very little about Cushing’s. I had never met anyone else who suffered from Cushing’s in my area and I am the only patient who has taken Korlym as a medical intervention for Cushing’s. Karen reached out to me and told me things that no one else had ever told me. She informed me in a way that helped me to better understand and manage my illness. As I prepare for radiation and leading to hypopituitarism, Dr. Karen has been a vital resource for me!

Robin C. Philly

Robin C. Philly

Karen is a phenomonal person her personal journey has inspired my own. She openly talked about her Cushings shared her photos and near death experiences. It taught me to listen to my body instead of doctors. I tear up because Karen has been a motivation since we were kids and to see her now I am so proud. Her light has paved a way for me for years. I can’t wait to see what is next.

Bernice C. Montgomery, IL