Seeking a Diagnosis

Seeking a Diagnosis

By Meagan Jenkins


Often when you have Cushing’s, there are many different hormonal problems contributing to how you are feeling as a patient.

Feeling depressed, alone, anxious and even crazy at times for feeling like you’re fighting for a diagnosis of Cushing’s YOU know you have, but Doctors and many endocrinologists lack research and understanding of the disease itself that it can be very, very hard to get a diagnosis.

Do not give up: when two doctors have told you “No, Cushing’s is too rare” or when you’re on your third endocrinologist and they just simply aren’t listening and are telling you to cut calories, exercise more or to simply focus on something else– remember this: You know your own body!

There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to figure out the cause of what is wreaking so much havoc!  Sometimes as patients, we get so hard on ourselves.  We don’t want to be sick, we don’t want there to be anything wrong!  We cannot help how we feel, all we can do is fight, fight for a diagnosis.

Keep fighting! Never give up!