Mission Statement

What is the EPIC foundation

The EPIC foundation provides support, advocacy, education and tools to people who are affected by chronic illness. This foundation will provide various resources to help people through the process of living with their chronic illnesses. EPIC supports patients and caregivers facing chronic diseases including Cushing’s Disease, Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency, Addisons / Adrenal Insufficiency, and Growth Hormone Deficiency. EPIC’s staff includes Psychologists trained in helping patients and caregivers.


The EPIC foundation is unique due to the nature of how we embrace the mind, body and spirit rather than only the actual disease. The EPIC Foundation intends to address vital issues such as trauma and loss which affect the community.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Empowering People with Invisible Chronic Illness (EPIC) Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower those living with chronic illness. EPIC offers support, advocacy, and tools for coping to those living with chronic illness and their loved ones and caregivers, with a particular focus on Cushing’s Syndrome and related illnesses.

Suggestions or comments can be e mailed to The EPIC Foundation at admin@epictogether.org