Meet our staff

Meagan M. Jenkins

Lead Advocacy Specialist


The Lead Advocacy Specialist, Meagan Jenkins, oversees all of the committees, making sure that they continue to be operational. She is the glue that helps to sustain our mission and our dedication to our patients. Meagan is a Cushing’s Disease survivor, herself, and has devoted her life to giving back and helping others. Meagan will ensure that our patients are truly advocated for and supported!

A message from Meagan Jenkins, Lead Advocacy Specialist:
Hello there! I am so eager and happy to help you along your journey ANY WAY that I can.
My name is Meagan, I am almost 31 years old, I live in Wisconsin & am the mother of 3 beautiful kids & am married to my best friend Matt, whom constantly remind me why I still continue to fight thru the recovery of Cyclical Cushing’s.

I have a heart to help those around me, and those in need. I do not feel any patient should have to go over 17 years without a diagnosis like I did.

My fight has grown my passion and compassion like I cannot explain. I have had others in my fight, like Melissa Moxie and Dr. Karen to name a few whom have helped me in ways I will forever be grateful, and hope to repay some of that goodwill thru The EPIC Foundation!

I am so delighted that you have found this page, because together we will figure this out. We will fight this. You are not alone!

“When the world says give up, Hope whispers…Try it one more time.”
Never giving up on YOU~ Meagan

Meagan can be reached via e mail at or phone at 888-862-5554 Ext. 714 Toll Free

Alicia Held, MSW

Director of Mental Health Services and Case Management


The EPIC Foundation proudly announces Alicia Held as Director of Mental Health Services and Case Management!

Personally, Alicia Held lives in Arizona with her husband and teenage daughter. Alicia has always had a desire to help others and that is why she completed a Master’s Degree program in Social Work in 2002. Alicia has extensive experience as a Social Worker with a broad range of clients from Pediatric Medical Social Work to being a Counselor for children in state custody. She loved working with children, especially those who had faced trauma. Alicia believes in community. She genuinely has the desire to help others and has graced so many people’s lives because of it!

Unfortunately, Alicia had to leave full time employment due to being diagnosed with Cushing’s disease in 2009. In 2010 she had brain surgery to remove a tumor on her pituitary gland. Alicia has been fighting the long-term effects of Cushing’s for many years since, and has also needed another surgery to remove her adrenal glands, which has left her with Addison’s Disease. Alicia continues to advocate for those in the Cushing’s community including desiring better and more consistent diagnostic means as well as better treatment options that provide a cure at a much higher rate than is currently available. In addition, she is passionate about educating both the public and the medical profession about Cushing’s Disease, especially the understanding of how this is a multi-system disease that affects both mind and body and can cause permanent damage, that although may not be visible, is no less life- altering.

The EPIC Foundation is thrilled to have Alicia as our Staff Social Worker! We believe in taking care of the whole person and we know that only addressing the medical issues do not account for every aspect of your needs. We explore the psychological impact of chronic illness and provide emotional support for it. We advocate for you and for your needs, including insurance denials. Additionally, we explore resources for our members that will help them to live the most optimal lives possible!

Alicia can be reached via e mail at or phone at 888-862-5554 Ext. 704 Toll Free

Amber Nicholas-Patterson, MS.Ed.

Director of Website and Business Data


Amber Nicholas-Patterson is an instructional technologist with a background in learning design for online learners, web design and video game design. She is a graduate of both Shepherd University (B.S., Computer Science), and Purdue University (MS.Ed., Learning Design & Technology). She currently runs a video game design program both with and for high school students.

Amber lives in WV with her wife and cats, and loves taking in independent and foreign cinema with her local film club as frequently as possible.

Amber is a survivor of Cushing’s Disease and is now in treatment for hypopitiutaryism. She is excited to join The EPIC Foundation as the Director of Website and Business Data! She is looking forward to utilizing her time and skills to give back to a community that once helped her save her own life.

Amber can be reached by e mail at or by phone at 888-862-5553 Ext. 713

Dr. Tanya Warren, Pharm.D.

Pharmaceutical Liaison


Dr. Tanya Warren has been a part of The EPIC Foundation team since January, 2017, as the Pharmaceutical Liaison.  The EPIC Foundation is honored and proud to have such an amazing asset to our Staff! The Pharmaceutical Liaison plays a very instrumental role to our foundation.  The primary role of our Pharmaceutical Liaison is to help us maintain a collaborative relationship with our medical networks and professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and other professionals who are interested in helping us with our mission and serving the chronic illness community. Our pharmaceutical liaison also consults with others to promote the advancement of The EPIC Foundation.  Finally, our pharmaceutical liaison engages in academic research that will benefit our members.


Dr. Warren obtained her Doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2004. She has extensive experience as a Pharmacist in the hospital setting and comes to us with a unique understanding of the chronic illness population.  Personally, Dr. Warren is a survivor of a rare life threatening illness called Cushing’s Disease. She understands the value of self-advocacy and has fought, tirelessly, for her own health!


Dr. Warren is a member of The EPIC Foundation and wants to make a significant contribution to other members and to the chronic illness community! She is an invaluable asset to the foundation!


Dr. Tanya Warren can be reached by e mail at or via phone at 888-862-5554 Ext. 721

Autumn Boyet Stinton

Director of Social Media Engagement and Publicity

Coming to The EPIC Foundation from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Autumn is proud to be part of The EPIC Foundation as the Director of Social Media Engagement & Publicity.

Autumn’s education based in Communications, as well as her corporate background in special project management, event development and travel and speaking engagement coordination allow Autumn to offer the Social Media Engagement & Publicity Team direction with the goal of creating engaging content and a public presence that will bring a personable, relatable face to the Foundation.  Her team will focus on fostering an educated, understanding voice that will assist in connecting people looking for help to the EPIC Foundation, as well as a strong focus on ensuring the voice of the EPIC Foundation and it’s members are heard loud and clear.  Autumn strongly believes that awareness saves lives and every voice makes a difference.

Autumn herself is a Cushing’s Disease survivor.  She has worked for the last twelve years to foster and create a strong on-line community to support those who face the challenges directly related to Cushing’s Disease.  It is her personal belief that her journey, while challenging, has given her an opportunity to learn, adapt and grow.  Most importantly, it has given Autumn a voice to share her experience with the goal of helping someone else and bringing greater awareness to chronic illnesses in general.

If you are interested in joining your voice with others to raise awareness, or if you would like to schedule a speaking engagement, interview, or another public appearance with Dr. Karen and The EPIC Foundation, please contact Autumn today via e mail at or toll free via telephone phone at 888-862-5554 Ext. 719

Together, we are EPIC!

Volunteer Staff

Janine Gilbert

Senior Editor


The EPIC Foundation proudly announces Janine Gilbert as Senior Editor. Janine has been a strong advocate in the Cushing’s community for the past several years. Janine has made it her mission to increase awareness of this life threatening illness that is diagnosed in 1-3 of every million people but impacts so many more people than we realize.

Personally, Janine is a survivor of a very rare form of Cushing’s Syndrome. She went years without a diagnosis and finally received help from the team at The National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Maryland.

In her own words, “Cushing’s Syndrome is a rare and silent killer. It is often misdiagnosed or not even diagnosed because the main symptoms are high blood pressure and obesity. I want to help people be able to understand the symptoms and be informed enough so they don’t have to endure what I endured. If undiagnosed, Cushing’s Syndrome can cause irreparable damage and even death. I only hope that by sharing my experience I can prevent someone else from the horrors I have faced.”

Professionally, Janine has experience in the health care system, administratively. She also has vast experience in writing and editing. The EPIC Foundation is honored that Janine is using her skills and expertise to assure that we are at our highest level of excellence.

We know that Together, We are EPIC!

Janine can be reached via e mail at or via phone at 888-862-5554, Ext. 716