Benefits of EPIC Membership

The Benefits of EPIC Membership

So, you may be wondering, “What exactly are the benefits of becoming a member of The EPIC Foundation?” Our EPIC team wants to help EVERYONE! We are here for YOU!

We do want you to know that there are benefits of becoming a member of The EPIC Foundation community. With a membership, you will receive:

  • Patient and Caregiver Support with our support staff
  • Monthly membership newsletter with a wealth of information
  • Access to The EPIC Foundation directory of patients who choose to list their profiles in the directory (optional)
  • Inclusion in all online support groups related to The EPIC Foundation
  • Participation in monthly support group meetings led by an EPIC professional in your State
  • Membership discount into the annual EPIC Foundation convention
  • Connections to our Affiliates
  • Access to databases of mental health professionals and medical experts
  • Patient Advocacy and Insurance Support

We have 3 classes of membership! You can apply as an individual for $35 a year. A family membership of 2 or more is $50 a year.

You can even sponsor someone else’s membership for $35 annually and can do so until you so choose. The EPIC Foundation loves the idea of giving!

If you have more questions about becoming a member of The EPIC Foundation, you can write us at or call us, Toll Free, at 888-862-5554.

Together, we are EPIC!