Advocacy, Outreach, and Patient & Caregiver Support

The EPIC Foundation believes in providing extensive support to our patients and caregivers in the chronic illness community. We have various ways of accomplishing that:


The EPIC Foundation has a team that provides patient and caregiver support. If you are in need of support, we are only a phone call or email away!


Our Director of Patient and Caregiver Support is Erin Gallagher. She leads a team of dedicated volunteers who are chronic illness warriors themselves and are dedicated to being here for you!


If you are in need of support or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer who wants to help change lives, you can contact Erin!


Erin Gallagher can be reached via email at or phone at 888-862-5554 Ext. 715 Toll-Free


The Patient and Caregiver Advocates for The EPIC Foundation include:

Mary Dailey: Phone number: 888-862-5554 Ext. 706



Elizabeth Grenon: Phone number: 888-862-5554 Ext. 709



Alison Crawford: Phone number: 888-862-5554 Ext. 710



Kimberly Quinn: Phone number: 888-862-5554 Ext. 719



Kellyanne Helsel: Phone number: 888-862-5554 Ext. 717



Rita Gigliotti: Phone number: 888-862-5554 Ext. 708



Laura Bravo: 888-862-5554 Ext. 723


*Laura Bravo is a Spanish speaking advocate and is available to our Spanish speaking community


Jenifer E. Williams: 888-862-5554 Ext.707



The EPIC Foundation provides advocacy by standing up for your rights as a patient. If you are having difficulty navigating the process with your doctors, hospital, or local resources, contacts us! If you would like educational materials or literature that helps you, your family members, or other supports understand your journey, contact us.

Additionally, if you need guidance on how to deal with your health insurance, we are here for you!